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Meeting rooms

The exclusivity of our facilities with cutting-edge designs and the customization of every service make the Hotel a single place to celebrate your event.
Composed of two larger rooms, Gold Master Suite hall, reserved Corners in Alameda XXI Restaurant, Business Area and the top of the Hotel, with wonderful views to the “Ria de Vigo”, our exclusive Skyline Terrace for your event unforgettable.

Every detail in our hotel has been prepared to make your event an unforgettable experience. We offer a wide variety of services, which have been created exclusively for gastronomic enjoyment, led by the prestigious Executive chef Bernardo Esperante.




Meeting room with capacity for 60 people, equipped with electronical devices and catering service.

salon reconquista

salon alameda




Meeting room with capacity for 32 people, equipped with electronical devices and catering service.

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Alameda XXI



There are several places to enjoy your meal, cocktails or breakfasts. We also have a private room to ensure the privacy of your events, as well as a remote space with natural lighting. Besides, it has a large outdoor terrace.

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BUSINESS AREA, ideal as a workplace for informal meetings and individual presentations.

GOLD MASTER SUITE MEETING ROOM : The most private and exclusive meeting on the 7th floor of the Hotel.

SKYLINE: Located on the top of the building with wonderful views of the Cies Islands, where you will arrange original events in a single place.