The city of Vigo has almost 300.000 inhabitants, the most populous municipality in Galicia. However, its catchment area includes more than 500.000 people.

Currently the city of Vigo is the main financial engine, industrial and commercial center of Galicia, without forgetting the important cultural and natural heritage, offering a wide range of leisure and free time.
Nature is the main attractive point of this city that has a unique environment. The city sits on slopes that rest at the foot of a beautiful bay, “Ria de Vigo”.
Vigo has a wide cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer, which complements the beautiful coast and countryside, dotted with remnants of the past. As Vigo grew attached to the water, it is natural that the old town is located at the foot of the bay.


Walking down “Calle Real”, you will find “El Berbes”, the traditional fishing neighborhood of the city. This was once a beach where fishermen moored their boats and you can still see the city’s oldest seafaring buildings. We suggest a short walk through ancient Vigo: a one mile route across the streets of the Old Town, where you’ll discover that the centre of Vigo hides a past carved in numerous stone buildings. This route through ancient Vigo’s architecture will help you experience the city’s history on foot.

Located next to the Port of Vigo, on cruise days the streets of A Pedra are buzzing with tourists from all over the world. If you like shopping, this is your moment! And if you don’t, after a tour of the market, you can have a sit somewhere in las “Ostras street” and delight your taste buds with Vigo’s typical dish, oysters washed down with a good white wine known as Albariño.

If you want to see the best views of Vigo’s estuary, you should go up to the highest point of the city, “O Castro Mountain”. If you’re interested in archaeology, the lower slope of the mountain has a Celtic site where you see what life was like in Vigo between the third and first centuries BC.
The walk up to O Castro is not easy, but the reward is unbeatable. On the way there, you’ll see gigantic anchors that commemorate the Battle of Rande. You can have a snack admiring the views of the city, discover its sports areas where you can skate or watch your children play in the playgrounds. But O Castro’s real treasure is within the walls of its fortress, where you’ll find O Castro castle, its gardens and spectacular viewpoint. It’s a must see and free of charge!

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